Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams

The most important thing about installing a subwoofer is making sure that it is wired properly to the correct impedance. For the first time installer, it might seem like a tricky and confusing task, but in reality it is a really simple thing to do. If you know what wiring configuration you want to use, click on the link below for a diagram and explanation.

Wiring Diagrams & Explanations:

Subwoofer Wiring Recommendations

Not sure which to use? If you haven’t purchased your sub and amp yet, the following popular wiring configurations can help you in your buying process.

One subwoofer to Dual 2 ohm

This is my preferred method for a single subwoofer (and probably the most popular). Dual 4 ohm subwoofers are common and the simple wiring config down to 2 ohms provide a good balance for more power while still staying stable.

Two Subwoofers to Dual 2 ohm

When installing 2 subwoofers, I recommend maintaining a final impedance of 2 ohms. This is for the same reason as the one subwoofer to 2 ohm (more power and stable). This is done by getting two dual 2 ohm subwoofers and wiring them to 2 ohm.

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