An amplifier is an important component in a car audio system because it is the method in which a signal can made larger (aka amplified). Most high quality speakers and subwoofers will require higher a wattage than the traditional car stereo will be capable of.

Types of Amplifiers

There are many types of car amplifiers designed specifically for different applications. Amplifiers can vary by size, channels, wattage, circuitry, and other features. To learn more about the many different types of car amplifiers, click the button below.

Types of Amplifiers

How to Install a Car Amplifier

Installing a car amplifier is a pretty simple task, but can be somewhat labor intensive and dangerous to your car if you don’t know what you are doing. For general step-by-step directions on how to install a car amplifier, please visit our How to Install a Car Amplifier page.

How to Install a Car Amplifiers