Best Car Speakers

Best Car Speakers

Since your speakers are the components that actually convert the electrical signal into an audible sound, it is important that you find the best car speakers for the sound you want. Even the nicest car audio system can be degraded by crappy speakers. Below is my list of best speakers in a variety of different categories. I hope that you will be able to find the right car speakers for you install.

Best Speakers on a Budget

Budget speakers don’t have to sound like your on a budget and the Pioneer D-Series speakers do a great job at that. Not only are these speakers affordable, but they sound great and that can be powered directly from a car stereo. They have been refined over the years and have received a lot of technology enhancements as it trickled down from higher end speakers to the D-series. For a low price tag and not needing to have an additional car amplifier, the Pioneer D-Series speakers are a great set of budget speakers.

Pioneer D-Series Speakers

Pioneer D-Series speakers feature quality workmanship and and advanced features for a budget friendly set of speakers that clocks in at under $100 a pair of speakers.

Best Speakers for Audiophiles

My choice for audiophile speakers has to be the Image Dynamics XS Series. These brilliant speakers were designed by Eric Stevens, one of the finest audio engineers in the industry and the founder of Image Dynamics. The XS speakers are build from some of the best materials available to speakers such as ceramic fiber and Rohacell composite cones, Fiberglass composite baskets, and Neodymium magnet structures. They also offer a convertible mounting solution for flexibility in installation and enhanced imaging.

Image Dynamics XS Series Speakers

Image Dynamics XS Series speakers feature top-notch materials with an exceptional sound quality. The music flows from the speakers like a natural river of acoustic euphoria.

Best Speakers for DIY Installers

When it comes to standard DIY installs, my go to speakers are the Infinity Kappa series. They feature unique 2 ohm impedance technology that enables the speakers to get more power from the amplifier than other car speakers. This means that the speakers can be installed without a car amplifier and be powered directly off of the car stereo. Kappa speakers also have a host of other HARMAN technologies that enhance the sound quality such as the Plus One cone technology, edge driven tweeters, and tweeter attenuation.

Infinity Kappa Car Speakers

Infinity Kappa speakers are engineered with a true 2 ohm impedance to optimize the power from the amplifier and are perfect for first time installer that want to run the speakers off of the stereo.

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