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2015 Toyota Corolla Audio Upgrade Guide | Learn Car Audio

2015 Toyota Corolla Audio Upgrade Guide

The 2015 Toyota Corolla is one of the more popular cars in 2015 and sold a total of 306,693 units in the United States alone. Thanks to the affordable price tag, impressive fuel efficiency, and renowned reliability, it is easy to see why the the Corolla was so popular among reasonable teenagers and adults. However, many of the Corolla owners want to get more out of their economy ride by enhancing the audio and multimedia system. This is a guide to help you know what to look for, what fits, and how to enhance the audio system of the 2015 Toyota Corolla.

Replacing the Stereo

Upgrading the car stereo in a Corolla is about as straightforward as it gets. In addition to the stereo, you will need two part: a dash kit and a wiring harness. For the dash kit, I recommend the Metra 99-8245CHG. This kit will match the charcoal color of the existing dash and accommodates single and double DIN stereos. That means that you can choose from almost any aftermarket car stereo you want, including receivers with large screens and navigation. For the wiring harness, pick up the Metra 70-1761. This is the standard Toyota harness that fits almost every Toyota from 1987 and up. It is simple and works… just make sure that you connect the wires properly!

Stereo Part List

For more information on how to install a car stereo, check out our How to Install a Car Stereo page.

Replacing the Speakers

With the right adapters and tools, upgrading the speakers in a ‘15 Corolla is pretty simple. All of the Corolla trims in 2015 have the same speaker configuration. A 6.5” component set in the front and a 6”x9” coaxial speaker set in the back. These are standard sizes, so finding replacements will be easy. You can make the installation even easier by using a speaker adapter bracket and a wiring harness. I highly recommend these accessories because it makes for the right fit with the proper connection, and reduces the chances of something accidently breaking.

Location Speaker Size Speaker Adapter Speaker Harness
Front 6.5″ Speaker 1″ Tweeter Metra 82-8148 Metra 72-8104
Rear 6″ x 9″ Speaker Metra 72-8104

Adding a Subwoofer

Getting deeper bass is one of the best ways to enhance the audio in the Corolla. This is because the stock system does a poor job reproducing low frequencies, yet almost all songs have a bass line your ears are pleading to hear. Without this bass, the song can sound hollow and incomplete, but most people don’t know what they are missing until they hear a complete audio system with a sub. Since there isn’t a plug-n-play subwoofer system designed specifically for this Toyota Corolla, there are two options for adding some bass: a universal plug-n-play system or putting together a custom subwoofer system.

Simplified Installation

If this is your first subwoofer installation and want a simple solution without risk of messing something up, then a universal plug-n-play bass system is probably the way to go. These systems are pre-wired, pre-installed in an enclosure, and often times amplified. That means that all you need to worry about is power and signal. Luckily, the instructions will make it pretty clear how to do this.

A few recommendations:

Choose your own Sub-venture

For those that have a little more experience in car audio or those that want to have the satisfaction of building your own system, check out our article on How to install a car subwoofer. This can be a great foundation to learn what components you need to install your system.